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Grand Prix Details - 2022

Point Scoring Events: 

Age Groups:

  • Kids 9 & Up

  • Kids 10-12

  • Kids 13-14

  • 17&U

  • 18-29

  • 30-39

  • 40-49

  • 50-59

  • 60-69

  • 70&Up



  • 1st Place Male and Female in each age group will receive a personalized Embroidered Jacket. 

  • Those male and Female in each age group who place 2-5 will receive a commemorative award. 

  • All who compete all 7 events will receive an award.

  • Awards are presented during the January 2023 NOTC General Membership Meeting. 

Grand Prix Rules:

  • Age on December 31, 2022  will be used.

  • All competitive racewalkers must sign in prior to the start of the race at the racewalker check-in table.

    • Racewalkers that are disqualified on course by the judges will not be eligible for division points in that event. Racewalkers may not run at any time. Clothing must not obscure the knees. Pacing devices and headphones are not permitted. Please check with the Racewalker Coordinator should you have any questions.

  • To be eligible for awards, club members must participate in at least 4 of the 7 series races, with at least 1 of the 4 being a non-NOTC event. Youths must participate in at least half of the races that have youth races (1 mile or shorter).

  • NOTC membership must be valid by 7/1/2022 to earn series points and must be valid on the date of the awards ceremony to receive an award.

    • All NOTC members are automatically entered into the Grand Prix.

  • Grand Prix Series points are assigned to the top twenty NOTC members in each division as follows: 20, 19, 18, ..., 3, 2, 1.

  • For events with multiple adult division race options, each race is scored separately and equally. 

  • For tie-breaking purposes, one additional point per completed event will be awarded to all club members.

    • Second tie-breaker is highest score at a single race.

    • Third tie-breaker is number of times scoring that many points.

  • Grand Prix Series participants are eligible to score an additional one-time 10 point bonus for volunteering at NOTC, CCC10k, FreshJunkie and NORSI events.

    • All NOTC events are eligible for volunteer scoring, beginning with Jackson Day, ending with the Al Briede Gold Cup, not counting Summer Series events.

    • Please coordinate ahead of time with the volunteer coordinator.

    • ALL Events from CCC10K, Fresh Junkies, and NORSI are  eligible for Volunteer bonus points - BUT you MUST let us know which event you volunteered for verification. If you do not let us know, your points will not be counted. NOTC events are automatically confirmed. 

  • Final standings are based on the sum of scores from all series races plus the volunteer bonus (if any), dropping each competitor's lowest score.

    • Competitors in the abbreviated youth divisions do not drop their lowest score.

  • NOTC members who participate in all 7 of the 2022 Grand Prix Series races are eligible for a series completion award.

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