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NOTC Code of Conduct

The New Orleans Track Club Code of Conduct was created for the safety, benefit and enjoyment of New Orleans Track Club ("Club") members and guests. The purpose of this Code is to set forth the basic principles of community, decorum, and decency that we expect of each other so that all members can achieve their running goals and enjoy membership in the Club in a safe and fun environment.

As member of the Club, you agree to:

  • Show respect to your fellow club members at all times.

  • Show respect and appreciation for the volunteers who give their time to help the Club throughout the year.

  • Refrain from using abusive or vulgar language, or make racial, ethnic, religious, sexual or gender-related slurs, derogatory comments or gestures when inter acting with members; other running clubs; participants at races, activities, social events, clinics, seminars, or via the internet in public forums and social media sites.

  • Never yell, taunt, or threaten physical violence upon another member of the club, a race participant or guest, volunteer or event spectator.

  • Never make unwanted sexual or physical contact with another member of the club, a race participant or guest, volunteer or event spectator.

  • Follow all rules of the road, including not walking/running more than two abreast, abiding by intersection cross walk signs and race volunteer/law enforcement direction during races, and running/walking (not cutting) the designated race course.

  • Exercise proper race etiquette always, including being aware of your surroundings and of announcements and instructions from event officials.

  • Respect pedestrians, cyclists, and other path/road users and give way to others when necessary.

  • If another runner appears to be in distress, offer assistance and/or notify volunteers or EMS.

  • Be respectfully quiet during the pre-race announcements and during the playing of the national anthem.

Because each member is both a member and representative of the Club, please be mindful of your actions in public places, at events, and during training runs, as they may reflect on, and have negative consequences for, the Club as an organization.

Please show your appreciation to event organizers. Thank the race management, timers, volunteers, fans, etc. If you had a bad experience, please seek out a member of the Board of Directors to apprise them of the problem and please keep your comments to your personal online accounts as to not impose your opinions as those of the "Club."

Perceived violations of the Member Code of Conduct policy should be reported to the Club's Board of Directors or Executive Race Director in writing or via email (they may remain anonymous if desired).

Violations of this Code of Conduct can potentially result in termination of membership if a two-thirds majority vote of the Elected Board of Directors present and voting elects to take that action, consistent with the "notice and opportunity to be heard" provisions of the Club's by-laws [Article VI (5-6]).

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