1997 New Orleans Grand Prix

RoadRunner of the Year

Administered by: The New Orleans Track Club

The results of the 1997 Grand Prix are now official. Top finishers in each series and division as well as complete and final standings are now available.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the New Orleans Track Club, we are pleased to announce the renewal of the New Orleans Grand Prix Series in 1997. This year marks the 10th anniversary of this program and the Board wishes to thank you for your continued support of this year's series. The New Orleans Grand Prix Series is designed to recognize all of the Clubmembers who consistently participate and perform well in Club events.

Points are awarded to each participant in the five (5) age group divisions of each Grand Prix (ADULT, YOUTH, and WALKERS) series based on their place in the race(s) of designated events. Note: In the YOUTH Grand Prix, points are awarded to participants based on their official USA Track & Field (formerly TAC) age, which is the age of the participant as of the end of the year.

At the end of each month, after the race results are completed, the point standings are completed and distributed for each age group. Last year, with over 2,100 club members eligible to score points, just being listed in the monthly "Grand Prix" standings is quite an accomplishment!!!

A beautiful commememorative plaque or trophy, as well as other gifts and prizes, await the winner in each age group. Plaques or trophies are also awarded to the qualifying runner-up, third, fourth, and fifth place finishers in each age group.

The 1997 New Orleans Grand Prix begins with the Elmwood Classic Roadrace in February, 1997.

Use the NOTC's Area Race Schedule to find the upcoming events that qualify for points in the 1997 New Orleans Grand Prix Standings!!!

For Additional Information: Call the NOTC at (504) 482-NOTC
Send a self addressed, stamped envelope to:
The New Orleans Track Club
Grand Prix Series
Post Office Box 52003
New Orleans, Louisiana 70152-2003

Rick Luskey, Grand Prix Coordinator
Rick Wilderman, President

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