Great St. Charles Avenue Road Race New Orleans

Great St. Charles Avenue Roadrace Results

Sunday, March 21, 2010, 8:30 AM
New Orleans, LA
Race Director: Chuck George, New Orleans Track Club
Race Chairmen: Randy Martin and Richard Walker

One of New Orleans' favorite races returned to the running scene after an absence of nearly a decade. The Great St. Charles Avenue 5K and Half-Mile saw unseasonably cool and windy conditions on the second day of spring. In spite of the weather a field of over six-hundred attended. Matt Manning and Lesley Melin were the overall 5K winners at 16:07 and 20:45.

The race was held in conjunction with the De La Salle High School Cajun Food Festival and was sponsored by the De La Salle Alumni Association. Everything went well for a "first time" event despite the jambalaya showing up an hour late (it was, however, very good jambalaya). The De La Salle band played the national anthem to start the 5K and followed the 5K route performing for the runners and walkers as they exited Audubon Park.

Thank you to all of the volunteers, sponsors and supporters for helping this event return. We'll certainly work out all of the kinks (and perhaps improve the weather too) and have a picture perfect event next year.

Race Photos

Race-day registration begins. De La Salle High School, race site. The half-mile race starts. Tom Sawyer, Jr, finishing the half-mile race. Aiden Minihan finishing the half-mile race. The De La Salle band plays the national anthem before the start of the 5K race. 5K participants line up for the start. 5K participants on the course. 5K participants on the course. 5K participants on the course. 5K participants on the course. Matt Manning, first 5K male, finishes in 16:07. Lesley Melin, first female 5K finisher, followed closely by Coray McClay. 5K finishers. 5K finishers. Harrison Crabtree and Liz Brescher, half-mile overall winners, with NOTC President Aaron Boudreaux. Half-mile award winners. Half-mile award winners. Half-mile award winners. Half-mile award winners. James Miller, Matt Manning, Kathleen Welch, Theresa Vu, and Ken Mire, 5K award winners. Pat Clancy, Jr. and Jackie Wolverton, 5K award winners.

Photos by George Waguespack and Ken Killian. Click on any photo for a larger image.

5K Award Winners

Place MaleAgeTime FemaleAgeTime
Overall Open
1 Matt Manning3016:07 Lesley McLin3120:45
Overall Masters
1 James Miller4718:23 Kathleen Welch5321:50
Overall Grandmasters
1 Ken Mire6120:04 Theresa Vu5325:24
Overall Seniors
1 Pat Clancy, Jr6220:44 Jackie Wolverton6233:15
Age Group 10-Under
1 Corbin Brescher824:27 Emily Giammolva742:49
2 Daris Laube846:50 Mary Catherine1046:30
Age Group 11-14
1 PJ Blake1425:43 Maura Eagan1424:45
2 Ryan Jack1325:45 Addy Grace Rome1129:00
Age Group 15-19
1 Harrison Grieb1718:59 Brittany Dupre1625:10
2 Sal Krouse1819:32 Patricia Freeland1933:22
Age Group 20-24
1 Richard Vollkommer2417:21 Lauren Jewitt2221:21
2 Josh Chauvin2418:46 Stepanie O'Brian2321:30
Age Group 25-29
1 Garrett Bose2719:57 Coray McClay2720:46
2 Jeff Dubea2820:14 Shannon Goans2520:54
Age Group 30-34
1 Michael Schmidt3218:24 Joanne Wimprine3024:21
2 Teddy Lopez3320:34 Jessica Morris3124:29
Age Group 35-39
1 Isenry3919:15 Lisa Stewart3923:47
2 Tim Sanders3719:44 Tori Smith3826:18
Age Group 40-44
1 Michael Iverson4318:36 Sandy Johnson4426:21
2 Steve Striffler4219:09 Emily Henderson4127:19
Age Group 45-49
1 Byron Adams4619:10 Robin Pringle4524:10
2 Kurt Engelhardt4922:44 Terrey Perrault4524:50
Age Group 50-54
1 JJ Waguespack5120:37 Lilli Brown5025:23
2 Jonathan Bracy5221:12 Sue Rice5025:27
Age Group 55-59
1 David Allen5622:46 Wanda Whitney5626:24
2 Mike Risey5823:17 Marcia Finkelstein5931:13
Age Group 60-64
1 Donnie Breland6325:04 Jamie Manders6436:38
2 Milton Steen6227:02 Carolyn Fink6139:34
Age Group 65-69
1 Ken Yurik6529:31 Harriet Soignet6542:00
2 Bill Knox6529:32 Charlotte Dumestre6950:00
Age Group 70-74
1 James Forrest7225:29 Betty Waguespack7450:39
2 Charles Lataxes7030:41
Age Group 75-79
1 Bob Sylvester7936:52
2 Raymond Nosari7844:20
Age Group 80-Over
1 Bill Cox8135:06 Amelia Gassen8251:44
2 Arthur Gassen8540:25
Overall Racewalkers
1 Aaron Broudreaux5332:35 Pat Driscoll5634:56
2 Jose Villalta5233:08 Roxie Martinez4237:46
3 Steve Attaya6135:18 Jane Phelps6339:22
4 Gary Sells5836:44 Jackie Leonard4939:27
5 Blll Elrod7337:18 Tina Childs4641:25

Half-Mile Award Winners

Place MaleAgeTime FemaleAgeTime
Overall Open
1 Harrison Crabtree182:50 Liz Brescher283:18
Boys 6-Under Girls 5-Under
1 Aidan Minihan54:51 Helen Street45:33
2 Luke Gassen65:34 Eve Glansky56:00
Boys 7-9 Girls 6
1 Corbin Brescher83:18 Autumn Grieb65:05
2 Cyrus Shepland94:29
3 Graham Grieb85:15
Boys 10 Girls 7
1 William Reed103:13 Chloe Ramcourt74:51
2 Tom Sawyer, Jr103:34 Emily Giammolva75:02
Boys 11 Girls 8-12
1 Nathan Britton113:36 Jessica Reed84:35
2 Henry J Calamari113:49 Ashley Calamari95:23
Boys 12-17 Girls 13-17
1 Conner Passantino124:20 Chelsea James133:46
Age Group 18-Over
1 Jeremy Daigle272:55 Joanne Wimprine303:32
2 Chad Cothern313:06 Jessica Morris313:38