Rivershack Run

RiverShack Run Results

Friday, September 17, 2010, 7:00 PM
RiverShack Tavern, Jefferson, LA
Race Director: Chuck George, New Orleans Track Club

A field of over 500 enjoyed milder temperatures but high humidity at the 2 Mile RiverShack Run which made for fast times by many participants. In the men's field Matt Manning and Brandon Wingate raced to the finish with Matt pulling away to a 1 second win at 10:07 to Brandon's 10:08. Both were only a few seconds off of Brendan Minihan's course record of 10:04 set in 2006. In the women's race Sarah Skotty set a new course record with a time of 10:54, which also qualifies as the fastest 2 mile finish time this year in the women's division of a local 2 mile official distance race.

There were plenty of refreshments on hand courtesy of Ci Ci's Pizza, RiverShack Tavern, Michelob Ultra Beer, Pepsi Cola, snowballs, Elmer's Chee Wees, Kentwood Springs Water and more. The Mustard Brothers Band provided the post race entertainment. Race proceeds benefit the programs of the Angel's on Earth Foundation.

For more race photos see the Facebook photo albums here and here.

2 Mile Award Winners

Place MaleAgeTime FemaleAgeTime
Overall Open
1 Matt Manning3010:07 Sarah Skotty2710:54
Overall Masters
1 Kenric Andrews4010:46 Robin Pringle4614:21
Overall Grandmasters
1 Leonard Vergunst5411:25 Pam Williams5615:36
Overall Seniors
1 Ken Mire6112:11 Jackie Wolverton6319:22
Age Group 19-Under
1 Christopher Cover1911:39 Celia Zaeringer1413:13
2 Peyton Aubin1612:55 Maura Eagan1513:14
Age Group 20-24
1 Brad Volkommer2410:40 Lauren Jewett2313:07
2 Brandon Ferrari2112:07 Kristine Lamana2313:37
Age Group 25-29
1 Jimmy Grotting2811:02 Jennifer Radecker2511:35
2 Josh Chauvin2511:41 Stephanie Smith2913:02
Age Group 30-34
1 Daniel Simpson3411:45 Danielli White3312:11
2 Teddy Lopez3412:54 Nicole Lagasse3213:25
Age Group 35-39
1 Brandon Wingate3610:08 Vanessa Blanchard3716:17
2 Steven Deloach3811:28 Karen Gardes3618:04
Age Group 40-44
1 Michael Iverson4411:21 Lisa Bienvenu4115:40
2 Wade Wootan4311:45 Belinda Loo4118:52
Age Group 45-49
1 James Miller4711:52 Shawn Holliday4514:30
2 William Sigl4512:25 Laura Doty4915:34
Age Group 50-54
1 JJ Waguespack5112:13 Susan Manikin5315:37
2 Jonathan Bracy5313:04 Sue Rice5116:12
Age Group 55-59
1 Joe Jackson5513:33 Wanda Whitney5616:51
2 Terry Puglis5814:04 Letha Cruthirds5717:21
Age Group 60-64
1 Harry Schniffen6314:55 Jamie Manders6019:16
2 Steve Morrow6015:47 Nancy McCorvey6121:51
Age Group 65-69
1 Juan Perez6613:50 Charlotte Dumestre6931:29
2 Larry Schluter6515:29
Age Group 70-74
1 John Rincon7118:52
2 Jan Kobylasz7118:59
Age Group 75-79
1 Bob Sylvester7923:52 Betty Waguespack7532:55
2 Raymond Nosari7928:41
Age Group 80-Over
1 Bill Cox8219:32 Amelia Gassen8332:20
2 Arthur Gassen, Jr8627:43
Overall Racewalkers
1 Duke Wolverton6322:40 Ann Marie St Clair5023:13
2 Tank5624:20 Roxie Martinez4323:14
3 Reginald Harley5426:06 Pat Driscoll5723:49