United Way of St. Charles 5K Bridge Run/Walk United Way of St. Charles

United Way Mississippi River Bridge Run/Walk Results

Saturday, April 10, 2010, 8:30 AM
Destrehan-Luling, LA
Race Chairman: John Dias, United Way of St. Charles
Presented by Motiva Enterprises LLC, Co-Presented by Valero
Race Director: Chuck George, New Orleans Track Club

Fifteen hundred strong were greeted with excellent running weather for the 12th Annual United Way Mississippi River Bridge 5K. This year's field included several nationally and world ranked runners. The overall winner was Michael Kibito, a Kenyan athlete living in Alabama, at 14:43. Sarah Skotty from New Orleans defended her 2009 title in a winning time of 17:20 which was very close to the womens course record. Sarah was the top Louisiana female finisher in the Crescent City Classic 10K last week as well as the top local female in the recent Rock n Roll Mardi Gras Half-Marathon.

Records were set in the Masters Division as Nicholay Kerimov and Olga Markova, both Russian distance runners currently living in Gainesville, Florida, blasted new record times. Nicholay ran a 15:08 in setting the male masters record (formerly 15:59 set by Desmond O'Connor in 1997). Olga placed third overall and set a new women's masters record in a time of 18:08 (formerly 18:50 set by Sherrie Keim in 2003). Ms. Markova is a two-time winner of the Boston Marathon (1992 and 1993) and set a women's world record in her '92 Boston win. Kerimov has impressive master's bests of 2:26:40 in the marathon and 1:07:43 in the half-marathon.

Many runners ran "bridge run personal bests" due to the perfect running conditions. Post-race festivities included plenty of beverages courtesy of Bud Light Beer, Kentwood Springs Water, and Coca-Cola and food by Motiva, Cytec, Valero and many other supporting companys. The band "Typikal Reason" provided post-race entertainment.

Following the 5K a half-mile kids "Little Bridge Run" was held with over two hundred young runners participating.

Race Photos

Charmane, Mary, and Della show off the Bridge Run T-shirts. Buses load up with runners heading to the start on the other side of the bridge. Boy Scout Troop #406 volunteers set up the Kentwood Springs Water stations on course. The field of 1500 get set for the 5K Bridge Run start. Michael Kibeto leads the 5K race thru the mid way marker on the top of the Hale Boggs Bridge. Sarah Skotty and Jeffrey Dundas at the mid way point. Leonard Vergunst. Bill Plunkett leads Olga Markova and other runners thru the half-way point. Ken MIre followed by Anthony Pigford. Margo Braud with Kathleen Welch close on her heels. United Way Mississippi River Bridge Race. United Way Mississippi River Bridge Race. Steve Attaya in the mens racewalker division. Gerald Lyons and many friends at the half-way point. United Way Mississippi River Bridge Race. United Way Mississippi River Bridge Race. United Way Mississippi River Bridge Race. The band Typikal Reason provides post-race entertainment. Overall open winner Sarah Skotty with representatives from Motiva and Valero. Olga Markova, third overall. Overall open winner Michael Kibeto. Kyle Lewis, second overall. Ryan Woods, third overall. Firaya Sultanova-Zhdanova, first overall master. Nicholay Kerimov, first overall master. Barbara Gubbins, first overall grandmaster. Jeffrey Dundas, first overall grandmaster. Yvonne Thomas and Ken Mire, seniors division winners. Age group award winners. Age group award winners. Age group award winners. Age group award winners. Age group award winners. Age group award winners. Age group award winners. Age group award winners. Age group award winners. Age group award winners. Age group award winners. Pat Driscoll, first female racewalker. Racewalker award winners. Jose Villalta, first male racewalker. Racewalker award winners.

Photos by Ken Killian. Click on any photo for a larger image.

5K Award Winners

Place MaleAgeTimePrize FemaleAgeTimePrize
Overall Open
1 Michael Kibits2714:43$1,000 Sarah Skotty2617:20$1,000
2 Kyle Lewis2414:49$500 Kate Accardo2417:40$500
3 Ryan Woods3115:00$350 Olga Markova4118:08$350
Overall Masters
1 Nikolay Kerimov4215:08$300 Firaya Sultanova-Zhdanova4918:52$300
Overall Grandmasters
1 Jeffery Dundas5117:16$150 Barbara Gubbins5019:35$150
Overall Seniors
1 Ken Mire6119:46$100 Yyonne Thomas6626:40$100
Age Group 10-Under
1 Corbin Brescher823:05 Autumn Grieb634:29
2 Thomas Leblanc1023:45 Kylie Barre840:00
Age Group 11-15
1 Drew Louviere, II1519:05 Maura Eagan1424:28
2 Dustin Dunn1519:28 Sadie Hebert1225:29
Age Group 16-19
1 Baishawn Pratt1818:02 Kanisha Taylor1626:50
2 Tyler1719:39 Jina Fazzio1927:38
Age Group 20-24
1 Josh Parks2318:13 Charlotte Everhardt2419:20
2 Phillip Bloomberg2319:00 Megan Broussard2419:35
Age Group 25-29
1 Adam Hoogewind2616:14 Keri Miller2820:25
2 Paul Zimmer2519:58 Megan Gubbins2722:00
Age Group 30-34
1 Matthew Manning3015:55 Christina Hubbell3021:33
2 Sean Fitzwilliam3116:42 Jennifer Holland3422:42
Age Group 35-39
1 Richard Strasbourg3820:37 Leigha Lindsey3623:24
2 Paul Macaluso3521:37 Heather Hogan3926:40
Age Group 40-44
1 Sergey Kaledin4216:11 Lauren Clark4322:30
2 Robert Laird4019:30 Renee Keiser4325:18
Age Group 45-49
1 Bill Plunkett4718:17 Gina Radecker4622:49
2 James Miller4718:26 Robin Pringle4524:32
Age Group 50-54
1 Leonard Vergunst5417:34 Margo Braud5121:43
2 JJ Waguespack5120:42 Kathleen Welch5322:10
Age Group 55-59
1 Derrick Lee5519:21 Lynne Hebert5825:30
2 Al Guevara5520:15 Wanda Whitney5626:00
Age Group 60-64
1 J Roger Brown6220:38 Cynthia Martin6228:30
2 Pat Clancy, Jr6220:51 Holly McCrea6131:27
Age Group 65-69
1 Tad Jurgens6822:24 Ellen Hartline6529:31
2 Bill Knox6523:27 Janet Robicheaux6843:05
Age Group 70-74
1 Craig Sherman7026:54 Margaret Sedita7349:40
2 Jan Kobylasz7132:43
Age Group 75-79
1 Bob Sylvester7936:30
2 Robert Robicheaux7642:00
Age Group 80-Over
1 Arthur Gassen, Jr8539:34 Amelia Gassen8249:54
2 Prentice Louquin8655:51
Overall Racewalkers
1 Jose Villalta5233:10$100 Pat Driscoll5635:32$100
2 David Bozant6534:47 Anne Marie St. Clair4935:46
3 Steve Attaya6135:40 Roxie Martinez4337:15
4 Bill Elrod7338:12 Jen Accosta5138:54
5 Gary Sells5838:44 Jackie Leonard4939:19

Top Little Bridge Run Finishers

NOTC Members completing the half-mile race (age 15 and under) please e-mail your name, age and time of finish to the Race Director.