Metairie Cemetery's A Run Through History Save Our Cemeteries

A Run Through History Results

Sunday, November 14, 2010, 8:30 AM
Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans, LA
Benefiting Save Our Cemeteries
Race Director: Chuck George, New Orleans Track Club

The men's field for the 5K had the top three very close as Michael Dyer out sprinted Matt Manning with a 15:47 to Matt's 15:49. Sean Allerton followed closely behind at 15:54. In the women's field Lauren Jewett led the way with a 20:20 and followed by the Stricker sisters Christie and Kayla.

Race awards were colored glassware with the logo imprinted on each. Plenty of food and refreshments as is usual and thanks to Benny Maygarten and his band. Proceeds benefit the nationally acclaimed Save Our Cemeteries organization.

For more race photos see the A Run Through History and A Run Through History Album 2 photo albums on Facebook.

5K Award Winners

Place MaleAgeTime FemaleAgeTime
Overall Open
1 Michael Dyer2615:47 Lauren Jewitt2320:20
2 Matt Manning3015:49 Christie Stricker1520:55
3 Sean Allerton2615:54 Kayla Stricker1621:10
Overall Masters
1 Wade Wootan4418:42 Robin Pringle4622:46
Overall Grandmasters
1 Kenneth Schexnayder5219:11 Theresa Vu5424:22
Overall Seniors
1 Kenny Mire6119:23 Yvonne Thomas6728:14
Overall Youth
1 Christopher Mello1421:51 Sophie Skipper1223:45
Age Group 10-Under
1 Michael Mancuso425:15 Sadie Burst724:59
2 Jack Penniman1027:20 Autumn Grieb634:50
Age Group 11-14
1 George Penniman1222:17 Marin Ruckman1130:22
2 Benjamin Cousin1323:56 Danielle Siebert1433:16
Age Group 15-19
1 Evangelos Nikitopoulos1921:53 Sarah Rubelowsky1523:52
2 Blaine Williams1622:46 Caroline Schmidt1828:02
Age Group 20-24
1 Brad Volkommer2417:25 Jenna Saale2222:27
2 Matt Schmerbauch2420:11 Teri Flowers2422:54
Age Group 25-29
1 Zack Schuler2516:17 Sarah Rivlin2921:16
2 Ryan Golfgher2816:39 Jenny Young2623:02
Age Group 30-34
1 Tim Riley3419:47 Ashley Jordan3122:40
2 Doug Depp3020:40 Erin Seidemann3024:07
Age Group 35-39
1 Brendan Minihan, Jr3516:30 Angela Sellmen3523:10
2 Brandon Wingate3617:10 Pamela Barfield3623:47
Age Group 40-44
1 Robert Laird4118:58 Susan Lee4422:46
2 Craig Isenberg4019:45 Lisa Katz4023:17
Age Group 45-49
1 Daryl Campbell4519:29 Jeannie Cook4825:25
2 Randy "Guido" Schmidt4720:24 Alice Montelaro4825:42
Age Group 50-54
1 Danny Cook5019:59 Mary Lambert5124:55
2 JJ Waguespack5220:33 Sue Rice5125:18
Age Group 55-59
1 Daniel Wernz5821:43 Wanda Whitney5725:25
2 Paul Titly5722:10 Bonnie McAskill5628:46
Age Group 60-64
1 Pat Clancy, Jr6220:43 Jackie Wolverton6330:03
2 Rick Swift6321:11 Caroline Fink6241:00
Age Group 65-69
1 Bill Knox6622:45 Jamie Manders6530:31
2 Hans DeVries6626:25 Sandy Giannoble6634:04
Age Group 70-74
1 Craig Sherman7126:24 Charlotte Dumestre7047:40
2 John Rincon7129:25
Age Group 75-Over
1 Bob Sylvester8038:48 Amelia Gassen8350:12
2 Bill Cox8238:50 Betty Waguespack7552:59
Overall Racewalkers
1 Duke Wolverton6436:34 Stephanie Anderson4433:15
Racewalkers 49-Under
1 Roxie Martinez4336:57
2 Charlotte Plaisance4940:09
Racewalkers 50-59
1 Gary Sells5936:51 Pat Driscoll5734:04
2 Dave Gwyn5837:20 Pat Broussard5543:47
Racewalkers 60-69
1 Steve Attaya6237:50 Sheila R. Raabe6636:42
2 Oliver Dailey6350:19 Marie Merrick6948:12
Racewalkers 70-Over
1 Bill Elrod7437:06
2 Del Donner8146:34

1 Mile Award Winners

Place MaleAgeTime FemaleAgeTime
Overall Open
1 Mark Golay146:13 Ashley Jordan317:30
Age Group 8-Under
1 Corbin Brescher87:10 Autumn Grieb69:45
2 Ethan Katz87:46 Fiona Collins89:46
Age Group 9-10
1 Jim Ber99:10 Kaela Schiro1010:10
2 Juan Lastrapes99:31 Jessica Reed910:14
Age Group 11-12
1 William Reed117:07 Amanda Bonck1110:50
2 Blaine Beaumont117:44 Maddie Garrett1211:57
Age Group 13-15
1 Justin Stricker136:30 Alicia Graham148:22
2 Kobe Dumas136:40 Carrie Christmann149:03