Father's Day Race June 20 2010 Each One Save One making a difference one child at a time

Father's Day Race Results

Sunday, June 20, 2010, 8:00 AM
Audubon Park, New Orleans, LA
Presented by EZ Parker at Louis Armstrong International Airport
Benefiting Each One Save One
Race Director: Chuck George, New Orleans Track Club

Audubon Park was the new setting for the annual "Fathers Day Race." The new location was well received as it provides a beautiful setting and plenty of shade. A field of five- to six-hundred participated in the event that included Half-Mile and 2 Mile races and featured the Team Division in the 2 Miler. Over fifty teams were in the field including several with family members from out of state (Pennsylvania, Australia). One of the team members in the 2 Mile race was age 91 and there were several over age 80 in the race. All finishers in the Half-Mile race received screen printed backpacks and each 2 Mile finisher received a custom etched Father's Day Race wine glass.

More race photos are available on the NOTC Facebook page.

2 Mile Teams

PlaceTeam MembersTime
Father/Son Teams
1Dave Dessauer, Luke Dessauer22:34
2Alexander Thomas, Broque Thomas26:01
3Joe Giles, Michael Giles26:06
4Michael Grieb, Harrison Grieb27:48
5Joe Giles, Grant Giles28:23
6Revill Burke, Daniel Burke28:29
7Dave Dessauer, David Dessauer28:30
8David Alexander, Kyle Alexander28:35
9John Ruhlman, Joel Ruhlman28:35
10Tim Brescher, Corbin Brescher 28:39
11Todd Gathman, Drew Gathman28:40
12Russell Smith, Jeremy Smith29:15
13Phil Glotser, Len Glotser30:14
14John Ruhlman, Jay Ruhlman32:03
15Billy Kirkikis, Will Kirkikis32:20
16Billy Kirkikis, Scout Kirkikis32:52
17John Landis, Michael Landis32:52
18Billy Kirkikis, Cobe Kirkikis34:13
19Emmett Krupp, Cody Krupp35:26
20Roy Aubin, Peyton Aubin35:34
21Glen Casanova, Brian Casanova37:29
22William A. Reed, William J. Reed.40:04
23Michael Grieb, Graham Grieb41:14
24George Bartlett, Sr., George Bartlett41:36
25George Bartlett, Sr., Michael Bartlett41:36
26Caleb Solangi, Tash Solangi41:39
27Don Brinkman Sr., Donald Brinkman, Jr. 44:41
28Arthur Gassen, Art Gassen51:39
29Brian Passantino, Connor Passantino54:08
30Harold Baur, Mark Baur57:17
31Arthur Gassen, Wayne Gassen58:36
Father/Daughter Teams
1Scott Burst, Bethany Burst29:19
2Mark Toepfer, Jescica Morris29:35
3Guido Schmidt, Caroline Schmidt30:03
4Michael Dupre, Brittany Dupre30:05
5Carl Beavers, Michelle Beavers31:35
6Derek Hoffman, Hope Hoffman32:24
7Michael Grieb, Alex Grieb33:31
8Glen Casanova, Lisa Merkle 33:51
9Glen Casanova, Rachel Quintana34:01
10Terry Wertman, Liz Brescher34:18
11Michael Grieb, Anastasia Grieb34:30
12Daniel Burke, Stella Burke34:54
13Sheldon Vice, Nicole Thionville38:07
14Derek Hoffman, Olivia Hoffman38:16
15Tim Derouen, Megan Derouen39:10
16Glen Casanova, Beth Holloway40:58
17Michael Grieb, Autumn Grieb41:15
18Michael Grieb, Alegra Grieb41:19
19William Kitchen, Rachel Kitchen43:34
20Mario Benitez, Lindsay Benitez47:07
21Arthur Gassen, Wanita Montreuil 47:48
22Don Brinkman, April Brinkman51:01
23Matt Fuhrman, Natalie Fuhrman72:40
Grandfather/Grandson Teams
1Terry Wertman, Corbin Brescher 34:02
2Willian A. Reed, William J. Reed40:49
3Mike Mansur, Corbin Brescher48:34
Grandfather/Granddaughter Teams
1John Treuil, Madison Talbot82:00
2Joseph Treuil, Suzie Trueil82:00

Top 2 Mile Finishers

Place MaleAgeTime FemaleAgeTime
Overall Open
1 Matt Manning309:54 Leah Mysock2612:16
2 Sean Fitzwilliam3110:13 Bethany Burst1912:52
3 Luke Dessauer2110:17 Lisa Merkle3613:00
4 Brendan Minihan, Jr.3410:20 Lauren Jewett2313:15
5 Fritz Metzinger1810:24 Rachel Quintana3313:32
6 Phillip Glotser2610:34 Sarah Rivlin2913:49
7 Ryan Gallagher2810:40 Kelly Brekke3714:05
8 Steven DeLoach3811:17 Jescica Morris3214:05
9 Michael Iverson4311:22 Michelle Beavers1714:11
10 Michael Giles2111:23 Elizabeth Brescher2914:35

Top Half-Mile Finishers

Place MaleAgeTime FemaleAgeTime
Overall Open
1 Hunter Hidalgo162:25 Esme Benjamin93:56
2 Jonathan High292:29 Lila103:57
3 Peyton Aubin152:45 Sara Kitchen74:26
4 Avery Cartwright133:10 Jescica Morris324:32
5 Corbin Brescher83:12 Jessica Reed84:35
6 Hughes Benjamin113:12 Belinda Loo414:45
7 William Reed103:24 Autumn Grieb 64:45
8 Max Perlstein83:24 Whitney Viltz314:47
9 Christopher Matise103:25 Eleanor Gallagher524:59
10 Larry Schlueter653:28 Emily Giammolva75:07