Spillway Classic Trail Run Phidippides

22nd Annual Spillway Classic Trail Run Results

Sunday, July 19, 2009, 8:00 AM
Bonnet Carre Spillway, Norco, LA
Race Director: Chuck George, New Orleans Track Club
Presented by Phidippides Footwear

A record turnout of 1700 took advantage of low humidity and temperatures of around 75 degrees at start time. Patrick Gavin led a group of three runners in a tight pack throughout the race and pushed the pace with several hundred yards to go to take the men's crown with a 15:39. Andy Florek and Johnathan Koenck followed close behind at 15:48 and 15:52. Simone Dominque led the women's race throughout to claim the title with a 20:54. The course was relatively dry and received a 1.5 rating.

Thanks to the Norco Volunteer Fire Department for hosing off the finish line area to provide a proper landing zone. Thanks to all of our race sponsors especially our presenting sponsor Phidippides Sports in Metairie and to the Mississippi River Equipment Company, Michelob Ultra Beer, Kentwood Springs Water, Pepsi Cola, the Metairie Runners Hot Dog Krewe, and GNO Cyclery. This race would not be possible without the dedicated volunteer spirit of the members of the New Orleans Track Club...thank you all. Thanks to our photographer crew members too.

NOTE: The Spillway Classic Trail Run is the 2nd largest "Trail Run" in the nation. The Living History Farms Run in Des Moines, Iowa is the largest with a limited field of 7500. The race is held in November on the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving Day. Anyone for a roadtrip?

Chuck George, NOTC Race Director

Danny Bourque, video journalist with the Times-Picayune, produced a video on the race. Watch it on nola.com. And check out Alfonso Bresciani's (Pompo's) photo gallery at nolaPIC.com.

Race Photos

The field assembles. They're off! First men through The Gauntlet. Brendan and Brandon take the dry road through The Gauntlet. Don Quintana, first in the water. lil Broussy clears The Gauntet. Kelly Nicholas. Brendan Sr. and Eva Lustagova. More than shoes were lost in the mud. One way to keep dry. Mud-wrestling. No one left behind. The family that plays together... Patrick Gavin, first male finisher. Simone Dominique, first female finisher. Race Director Chuck George maintains order at the finish line. Johnny and Don log another Spillway Race. A quick rinse before the post-race refreshments. Where did these kids come from? It's a girl thing. Some girls play dirty. Presenting sponsors Shirley and Henri Jacques of Phidippides Footwear.

Photos by George Waguespack, Billie Sloss, and Ken Killian. Click on any photo for a slideshow.

3 Mile Award Winners

Place MaleAgeTime FemaleAgeTime
Overall Open
1 Patrick Gavin2115:39 Simone Dominique2020:54
2 Andy Florek2115:48 Megan Broussard2321:45
3 Johnathan Koenck2015:52 Kelly Nicholas4121:59
4 Sean Allerton2516:28 Katie Hymel2122:08
5 Brandon Wingate3416:38 Amy Guinn2022:14
Overall Masters
1 Bryan Smith4720:00 Lisa Luongo4024:52
Overall Grandmasters
1 J.J. Waguespack5022:45 Kathy Kliebert5332:50
Overall Seniors
1 Kenny Mire6022:56 Bonnie Bozant6235:09