Father's Day Race EZ Parker

Father's Day Race Results

Sunday, June 21, 2009, 8:00 AM
LaSalle Park, Metairie, LA
Presented by: EZ Parker
Benefiting: Each One Save One
Race Director: Chuck George, New Orleans Track Club

The Father's Day Race, presented by EZ Parker Company with funds benefiting the Each One Save One Program, had a great turnout on a very warm and humid day in LaSalle Park. The races led off with the Half-Mile that had Dillon Hodge at 2:18 and Kristen Fernandez at 3:30 capturing first place. The Father's Day 2 Mile race had a battle between Ryan Gallagher and Sean Fitzwilliam down the stretch with Gallagher taking the title at 10:21 followed by Fitzwilliam at 10:25. Molly Dugger Koenig led the women's field through to finish in a time of 12:55. Look for complete results of all teams and finishers by tomorrow...and Happy Father's Day!

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2 Mile Teams

PlaceTeam MembersTime
Father/Son Teams
1Dave Dessauer, Luke Dessauer22:28
2Bud Weiss, Trey Weiss25:04
3Mike Kitto, Brent Kitto26:10
4Harry Schrieffer, Jacob Schrieffer26:34
5Dave Dessauer, David Dessauer26:36
6Michael Hooper Sr., Michael Hooper Jr.26:37
7Robert Scott, Steven Scott26:54
8Joe Giles, Michael Giles26:55
9Danny Burke, Revill Burke27:07
10Wayne Pigford, Anthony Pigford27:09
11Michael Grieb, Harrison Grieb28:34
12Lee Rhodes, Bud Weiss29:09
13Billy Kirkikis, Will Kirkikis29:15
14Joe Giles, Grant Giles29:25
15John Ruhlman, Joel Ruhlman29:48
16Rick Nye, Chris Nye29:56
17Rick Nye, Brandon Nye30:01
18Emmett Krupp, Cody Krupp30:04
19Billy Kirkikis, Scout Kirkikis30:06
20Robert Quintana, Don Quintana30:18
21Bubba Villarrubia, Blake Villarrubia30:24
22John Landis, Mike Landis30:44
23Bill Kirkikis, Mark Kirkikis31:03
24Pat Davis Sr., Pat Davis Jr.31:08
25Billy Kirkikis, Walker Kirkikis31:14
26Robert Quintana, Robbie Quintana31:20
27Lev Glotser, Phillip Glotser31:29
28Dave Dessauer, Seth Dessauer31:56
29Russell Smith, Jeremy Smith32:18
30John Ruhlman, Jay Ruhlman32:19
31Scott Griffith, Ben Griffith33:20
32Steven Federer, Guy Federer33:55
33Randy Swalley Sr., Randy Swalley Jr.34:37
34Henry P. Calamari, Henry J. Calamari34:59
35Scott Griffith, Ben Griffith33:20
36Bill Gallagher, Ryan Gallagher36:21
37Chris Dupuy, Nicky Dupuy36:50
38Glen Casanova, Brian Casanova37:36
39Bill Healy, Billy Healy37:43
40Arthur Gassen, Jeff Gassen38:40
41Scott Griffith, Sam Griffith39:51
42Arthur Gassen, Wayne Gassen40:40
43Bill Healy, Ethan Healy40:57
44Harold Dufrene Sr., Harold Dufrene Jr41:42
45Bob Murphy, Michael Murphy42:23
46Bill Gallagher III, Bill Gallagher IV.44:27
47Gene Roth Jr., Gene Roth III45:08
48Arthur Gassen Sr., Arthur Gassen III47:23
49William Hardison, Charles Hardison50:40
Father/Daughter Teams
1Mike Dugger, Molly Dugger Koenig25:55
2Scott Guidry, Michaela Guidry26:12
3Timothy Ryan, Katherine Ryan29:01
4Carl Beavers, Michelle Beavers31:19
5Mike Dupre, Brittany Dupre31:48
6Danny Burke, Stella Burke32:34
7Derek Hoffman, Hope Hoffman32:35
8Harold Dufrene Jr., Jodi Dufrene33:42
9Glen Casanova, Lisa Merkle33:42
10Michael Grieb, Alex Grieb34:12
11Glen Casanova, Rachel Quintana34:46
12Shady Shadwell, Melanie Shadwell34:51
13Rickey Fernandez, Karen Dalfres35:24
14Bob Quintana, Pam Quintana Masson35:29
15Chris Dupuy, Kayla Dupuy35:32
16Steve Lotz, Emily Lotz39:30
17Fred Lotz, Jill Zengarling39:31
18Arthur McFatter, Samantha McFatter40:34
19Michael Grieb, Alegra Grieb41:15
20Derek Hoffman, Olivia Hoffman41:19
21Randy Swalley, Jenna Swalley42:37
22Bill Elrod, Amie Waguespack46:44
23Mike Lafleur, Erin Lafleur49:57
24Steven Granier, Mallory Granier50:01
Grandfather/Grandson Teams
1Lee Rhodes, Trey Weiss27:02
Grandfather/Granddaughter Teams
1Harold Dufrene Sr., Jodi Dufrene39:08
2Bill Elrod, Victoria Waguespack45:49
3Bill Elrod, Amanda Waguespack52:06

Top 2 Mile Finishers

Place MaleAgeTime FemaleAgeTime
1 Ryan Gallagher2710:21 Molly Dugger Koenig2512:55
2 Sean Fitzwilliam3010:25 Katherine Ryan2313:36
3 Luke Dessauer2010:40 Lisa Merkle3513:45
4 Don Quintana2610:43 Michaela Guidry2014:05
5 Phillip Glotser2510:57 Bee Allebone4514:11

Top Half-Mile Finishers

Place MaleAgeTime FemaleAgeTime
1 Dillon Hodge152:18 Kristen Fernandez103:30
2 Thomas Beavers182:36 Amanda Granier143:42
3 Joey Decorte122:57 Lauren Armantrout133:46
4 Brian Acosta363:00 Megan Waguespack123:52
5 Tad Jurgens673:10 Anastasia Grieb143:55

Questions or comments about these results? Contact results@runNOTC.org.

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Photos by George Waguespack. Dillon Hodge, 1st place in Half-Mile run. Kristen Fernandez, 1st place in Half-Mile run. Beatin' the big guys! Gassen family members. Happy Father's Day! Ryan Gallagher, 1st place in 2 Miler. Molly Dugger Koenig, 1st place in 2 Miler. Charles Lataxes and Jan Kobylasz finish the 2 Miler. Joe Waguespack. Happy Father's Day! Boudreaux wins! Team Brinkman. Happy Father's Day! Happy Father's Day! Top finishers in Father/Son team division. Father/Son teams, 4th and 5th place overall. Lavonzell Nicholson and Cathy Harris from Each One Save One thank the crowd of runners and walkers. Father/Daughter team division. Father/Daughter team division. Grandfather/Granddaughter team division. Grandfather/Grandson team Lee Rhodes and Trey Weiss.
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Photos by George Waguespack.