NOAC 101st Annual Turkey Day Race Results

Thursday, November 27, 2008, 8:30 AM
Tad Gormley Stadium, City Park, New Orleans, LA
Weather: 65°, partly cloudy, humid
Benefiting: Spina Bifida Association of Greater New Orleans
Race Chairman: Ron Schulingkamp
Race Director: Chuck George, New Orleans Track Club

Kevin Castille ran away from the field before the first mile to post a winning time of 25:02 at the 101st Annual "Turkey Day Race" 5 Miler. Simone Dominque took the womens division overall title in a time of 30:24. A record turnout of 2200 entered this year's race.

Note: Race results include finishers scored with available scoring tags. Due to a larger than expected field size these tags ran out about 52 minutes into the race finish. If you completed the 5 Mile race and are not listed please send your name, age, sex and time of finish to

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5 Mile Award Winners

Place MaleAgeTime FemaleAgeTime
Overall Open
1 Kevin Castille3525:02 Simone Domingue1930:24
Overall Masters
1 Eric Overby4128:54 Kelly Nicholas4131:37
Overall Grandmasters
1 Phil Jones5328:59 Kathleen Welch5236:05
Overall Seniors
1 J. Roger Brown6033:30 Tillie Clark6146:49
Age Group 10-Under
1 Carlos Zervigon1035:40 Kelsey Mayer1042:05
2 Julian Mareno1048:47 Maddie Myers1047:36
Age Group 11-14
1 Christian Bergeron1432:20 Amanda Meyer1341:00
2 Sean Fitzpatrick1432:30 Natalie Martin1442:34
Age Group 15-19
1 Adam Saloom1826:49 Emmi Aguillard1736:29
2 Kevin Fitzgerald1827:09 Bethany Burst1737:15
Age Group 20-24
1 Kyle Lewis2326:07 Kate Accardo2330:51
2 Jimmy Swanson2126:24 Megan Broussard2231:28
Age Group 25-29
1 Matthew Manning2827:13 Sarah Skotty2531:17
2 Nick Accardo2627:30 Fran Radford2736:00
Age Group 30-34
1 Brendan Minihan, Jr.3326:36 Allison Moll3131:03
2 Sean Fitzwilliam3027:53 Celeste Dolan3232:18
Age Group 35-39
1 Todd Lane3528:07 Leigh Ayn Drye3838:10
2 Peter Kenson3630:50 Rhonda Aluis3839:30
Age Group 40-44
1 Doug Holmes4129:15 Stephanie Riegel4237:05
2 Tommy Boudreaux4031:18 Mary Rome4238:01
Age Group 45-49
1 Janusz Malski4729:44 Donna Maselli4839:51
2 Bill Plunkett4530:04 Marianne Garvey4740:50
Age Group 50-54
1 John Riviere5032:37 Billie Sloss5240:15
2 Derrick Lee5433:00 Le Ann Myers5140:22
Age Group 55-59
1 Kenny Mire5932:43 Pegi O'Hagen5941:10
2 Peter Weatherhead5733:15 Joan Album5642:14
Age Group 60-64
1 Dennis McCrea6039:07 Gail Sheridan6148:27
2 Donnie Breland6239:54 Bonnie Bozant6149:48
Age Group 65-69
1 Tim Rice6538:20
2 Rudy Smith6642:55
Age Group 70-74
1 Dick Longo7148:25 Fe Laughlin7157:47
2 Jan Kobylasz7054:53 Martha Vogt711:02:10
Age Group 75-79
1 Larry Yost7850:30
2 Dale Roth761:08:13
Age Group 80-Over
1 Bill Cox8054:59 Amelia Gassen811:25:00
2 Arthur Gassen, Jr.841:02:29 Jackie Yost801:30:35
Overall Racewalkers
1 Duke Wolverton6255:57 Pat Driscoll5557:29
2 Isaac Knightshead521:00:20 Anne Marie St. Clair481:01:49
3 David Bozant631:00:26 Jane Phelps621:04:25
NOAC Members
1 Ben Williams2529:59 Tessa Kamber2435:07

1 Mile Results

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Photos by George Waguespack. Turkey Day Race
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Photos by George Waguespack.