The "WALL" Louisiana State Championship Race Results

Sunday, January 28, 2007, 8:00 AM
East Bank Bridge Recreation Park, Destrehan, LA
Temperature 45-55 degrees, overcast, light to moderate winds
425 participants
Race Director: Chuck George, New Orleans Track Club
Sponsored by: Phidippides Footwear
Phidippides Footwear

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Top 30K Finishers

Male Age Time Female Age Time
Brendan Minihan, Jr. 31 1:45:55 Sarah Harrelson 29 2:19:13
Andrew Kenworthy 41 1:52:55 Barb Dutrow 50 2:24:48
Dave Dessauer 50 2:14:59 Lisa Rustemeyer 50 2:45:00
Neale Miller 60 2:33:47
Racewalkers Overall
Jerry Renz 62 3:42:28 Jane Phelps 60 4:07:28

30K Relay Results

Team NameTeam MembersTotal TimePace
Men's Open
Power Milers Ryan Gallagher, Brendan Minihan Jr., Michael Gulotta 1:45:40 5:41
D.A. 26.2 Krewe Bryon Adams, Victor Owens, Bryan Lewis 1:57:34 6:20
Team Nice Ass "Ass Manage Daniel Simpson, Doug Holmes, John Riviere 2:01:18 6:32
Power Milers 2 Ryan Allen, Ross Doyle, Chris Kelley 2:08:23 6:55
Women's Open
ASK Sherri Lien, Allison Moll, Kelly Nicholas 2:00:31 6:29
Team Nice Ass "A" Santilla Victoria Sophie Chaze, Shannon Depp 2:04:13 6:41
Team Nice Ass "C" Melissa Hillman, Tonya Simpson, Liz Stolz 2:25:14 7:47
Team Nice Ass "AA" Kristine Bernick, Vilma Cervantes, Christy Bohannon 2:32:37 8:13
Team Nice Ass "Sass Mast Tina Reynolds, Pam Egan, Donna Domingue 2:34:48 8:20
PhidippidesBetsy Boudreaux, Sharon Harney, Shirley Jacques 3:11:51 10:19
Mackin's Krakens Paul Greenberg, Erin Mackin, Mike Wiener 2:20:05 7:32
Beauties and the Beast Harold Dufrene, Wanda Whitney, Angela Fanguy 2:55:31 9:27
Men's Master
Team Nice Ass "Ass Master Tim Phillips, Bill Plunkett, Patrick Melancon 2:01:43 6:33
Juan Plus 4 Minus 2 Charles LaTaxes, William Cox, Bill Jennings 3:03:48 9:53
USCG Support Hosers Daryl Schaffer, David Reagan, Jack Robinson 2:18:35 7:28
Air Station Tim Tobiasz, Olav Saboe, Shannon Brugh 2:23:17 7:43
USCG MSST New Orleans 911 Michael Whittredg, Richard Russell, Mark Unpingco 2:29:17 8:02
A.I.M.D New Orleans Shaun Fisher, Alberto Hernandez, Yacoub Elayyadi 2:38:15 8:31
LA National Guard David Peterson, Cecil Ivy, Jeff Courville 2:41:05 8:40
USCG Water Dogs Felix Ronquille, Kyle Hopkins, Phil Silva 2:44:47 8:52

Top 10K Finishers

Male Age Time Female Age Time
Jermey Johnson 23 38:55 Kate Ripple-Cramer 23 41:27
Mike Watson 40 42:18 Gina Radecker 43 47:15
Kenny Mire 57 43:31 Yvonne Thomas 63 52:54
Lee Rhodes 65 49:05 Lucy Troxler 75 1:48:53
Racewalkers Overall
Steve Attaya 58 1:09:00 Pat Driscoll 53 1:18:06

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Photos by Dudley Stadler and George Waguespack. Air Station New Orleans team members plot their strategy. The 10K race walkers take off. Joy Cohen and Brian Story pass Destrehan Plantation Manor in the background. Sean, Tyler and Jesse decide between bananas, cookies and Pepsi. Thanks Michelob Ultra (beer sponsor). Jermey Johnson 10K male winner. Kate Ripple-Cramer 10K female winner. Ryan Gallagher leads Team Power Milers to the overall 30K team mens open title. Allison Moll leads the 30K Team ASK to the womens open team title. Sarah Harrelson, overall 30K female winner. 30K overall division winners (L-R: Neale Miller, Brendan Minihan, Jr., Dave Dessauer, Andrew Kenworthy). Overall 30K winner Brendan Minihan, Jr.
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Photos by Dudley Stadler and George Waguespack.