Run on the Bayou Race History

Past 10K Winners
Year Division Male WinnerTime Female WinnerTime
(*) Event record times.
2009 Open Doug Holmes29:33 Amy Henke36:14
Masters Michael Scott30:03 Shawn Holliday38:13
Racewalkers Aaron Boudreaux55:23 Pat Driscoll58:37
Due to construction and road closures the 2009 race distance was 5 Miles.
2008 Open Junyong Pak26:40 Michelle Hymel30:08
Masters Doug Holmes29:40 Tiffany Kitto34:34
Racewalkers Dave Keenan45:00 Anne Marie St. Clair57:06
Due to construction and road closures the 2008 race distance was 5 Miles.
2007 Open Sean Fitzwilliam34:30 Kelly Nicholas42:31
Masters Kenneth Schexnayder37:21 Felicia Guidry46:00
Racewalkers Steve Attaya1:05:03 Pat Driscoll1:11:57
2006 Open Tom Sawyer35:24 Michelle Friedman41:33
Masters Leonard Vergunst35:25 Fillis Friedman46:32
Racewalkers Steve Attaya1:02:34 Jane Phelps1:17:34
2005 Open Michael Stoick34:35 Shannon Depp41:47
Masters Ross Shales36:41 Terrey Perrault47:40
Racewalkers Gregory Bodet1:04:00 Denise Surratt1:10:13
2004 Open Brendan Minihan, Jr.34:11 Santilla Victorian40:17
Masters Leonard Vergunst35:26 Pam Williams44:02
Racewalkers Steve Attaya1:04:43 Denise Surratt1:10:57
2003 Open Santos Martinez34:35 Lisa Pratt41:06
Masters Alex Thomas35:32 Fillis Friedman46:20
Racewalkers Steve Attaya1:01:15 Denise Surratt1:07:23
2002 Open Paul Kemei33:02 Dodi Oubre39:25
Masters Leonard Vergunst35:59 Fillis Friedman44:09
Racewalkers Glen Bodet57:01 Denise Surratt1:08:37
2001 Open Alexander Thomas35:10 Shiela Eldred41:59
Masters Junius Nixon36:35 Rosa Bischoff48:12
Racewalkers Steve Attaya56:12 Denise Surratt1:05:27
2000 Open Dave Walick35:23 Shawna Jones40:16
Masters Junius Nixon35:59 Fillis Friedman43:02
Racewalkers Glen Bodet58:20 Connie McCloskey1:06:43
1999 Open Jesse Palmer32:26 Harriett Handshaw45:51
Masters Junius Nixon35:42 Dorothy Cain-Sales47:13
Racewalkers Glen Bodet* 52:19 Connie McCloskey1:05:30
1998 Open Troy Lucia33:10 Vanessa Weber39:23
Masters J. Roger Brown36:40 Fillis Friedman42:26
Racewalkers Steve Attaya1:00:22 Michele Rodgers1:07:10
1997 Open Desmond O'Connor33:37 Andrea Chymiy42:52
Masters Dr. Pat33:43 Dorothy Cain-Sales47:50
Racewalkers Rich Smith59:02 Susan Hornung53:19
1996 Open Mike Grigo35:12 Cathie Koss39:49
Masters Derrick Lee35:21 Harriett Handshaw44:47
Racewalkers Ricky Wendel58:01 Sharon Lewis1:02:58
1995 Open Tyrus Deminter31:48 Mary Braverman38:42
Masters J. Roger Brown36:30 Carol Plemer49:11
Racewalkers Barry Creppel56:02 Janice McCaffey* 46:59
1994 Open Dr. Pat33:02 Denise Billiot39:14
Masters Dr. Pat33:02 Stephanie Payne44:59
Racewalkers Barry Creppel55:22 Becky Comeaux58:24
1993 Open Dr. Pat32:26 Laura Guerrero38:54
Masters Dr. Pat* 32:26 Barabara Flanagan43:30
Racewalkers Sidney Holmes59:50 Sharon Lewis59:12
1992 Open Darrell Revok32:51 Denise Billiot38:37
Masters Mike Diorka34:38 Marisa Quinones42:43
Racewalkers Tom Marhevko1:01:03 Bonnie McAfee1:05:43
1991 Open Darrell Revok31:53 Denise Billiot37:35
Masters Juan Perez36:14 Rachael Barbee* 39:17
Racewalkers Ed Whiteman53:40 Bonnie McAfee1:03:22
1990 Open Wayne Chenet33:14 Carole Smith* 36:32
Masters Brendan Minihan,Sr.34:27 Susan Provo46:26
Racewalkers Tom Marhevko53:35 Michele Rodgers1:05:21
1989 Open Mark Malander* 31:09 Carole Smith38:27
Masters Brendan Minihan,Sr.35:08 Cathy Jones48:03
Racewalkers Tom Marhevko59:43

Compiled by Chuck George, Race Director, New Orleans Track Club.