25th Annual Grand Prix Series 2012

A Tour of Metro New Orleans

The New Orleans Track Club "Grand Prix Series" is to recognize those club members who have consistently participated in club events and have performed well within their age division throughout the year. All members of the NOTC are eligible for the series and receive points per their division. To be eligible for series awards you must participate in at least half of the series races. An Awards Ceremony will be held in early 2013 to present awards to winners in each division and series completion award T-shirts.

New this year is the Long Distance Championship Series, which will award complementary entries to the Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans Marathon or Half Marathon on February 24, 2013 based on results of the 2012 Ole Man River Half Marathon, the 2013 Larry Fuselier 25K, and the 2013 The WALL 30K.

How to Enter: Membership in the New Orleans Track Club automatically enters you into the Grand Prix Series. You do not have to fill out any additional forms. Your membership must be current to be eligible for GP scoring.

Grand Prix Series Divisions

Grand Prix Series participants are scored in the following divisions based on their age at the end of the year (December 31, 2012).

Grand Prix Scoring Rules

Your NOTC membership must be valid on race day to earn series points.

Grand Prix Series points are assigned to the top ten NOTC members in each division as follows: 100, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, and 10.

In events with two adult division race distances (Larry Fuselier, The WALL, Lakefront Classic, and Ole Man River) points are awarded in each division as follows:

In the event of a tie one point will be award per event.

Volunteer Points

Grand Prix Series participants are eligible to score an additional one time 50 point bonus for volunteering at NOTC events. Please contact the NOTC volunteer coordinator at 504-304-2326 to be a race volunteer. Depending on job duties volunteers may also be also to participate in the event. Please coordinate ahead of time with the volunteer coordinator.

Racewalker Division Additional Rules and Guidelines

All competitive racewalkers must sign in prior to the start of the race at the Racewalker check-in table. They will be issued an additional race number for course judging purposes and a special scoring dot label that must be attached to the scoring tag received upon completion of race.

Racewalkers that are disqualified on course by the judges will not be eligible for division points in that event. Racewalkers may not run at any time. Clothing must not obscure the knees. Pacing devices are not permitted. Please check with the NOTC Racewalker coordinator should you have any questions.

Racewalker judging division points: Points for judging are the average points for the first six races (not to exceed 100 points). Should there be any race cancellations, the six race average will be reduced to half of the GP series races held. Please contact the Racewalking coordinators for judging division questions.

Grand Prix Series Standings

Series standings will be posted within 2-3 weeks after each race on the club website.

Grand Prix Series Awards

The top five eligible runners and walkers in each division will receive awards. To be eligible club members must participate in at least half of the series races. An awards presentation ceremony will be held in early 2013.

Series Completion Awards. All NOTC members who participate in all of the 2011 Grand Prix Series races are eligible for the Grand Prix Series T-shirt. Members do not have to score Grand Prix points in any race to be eligible for this award.

Upon completion of the series, qualifying members must notify the NOTC Grand Prix Coordinator via email or postal mail (NOTC, PO Box 52003, NOLA 70152-2003). Please include name and shirt size with correspondence.

For more information contact the Grand Prix Coordinator or the NOTC by phone at 504-304-2326 or by mail to NOTC, P. O. Box 52003, New Orleans, LA 70152-2003.