NOTC Grand Prix Series 2000

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The New Orleans Track Club "Grand Prix Series 2000" begins with the Elmwood Classic Race on February 20th.

The Board of Directors of the New Orleans Track Club is proud to announce the 13th Anniversary of the Grand Prix Series which is designed to recognize all members who consistently participate and perform well in Club events.

Grand Prix Series Divisions

Youth, Adult and Race Walkers, with 5 (five) age groups in each division. All NOTC members are eligible to receive points towards Grand Prix Series Awards. In order to receive points at designated NOTC Grand Prix Series events, your membership in the club must be current at each event. To be eligible for Grand Prix Series awards a club member must have participated in at least 6 Grand Prix Series events.

Series/Division Points

Points are awarded to each Club member based on their finish placement (among members only) in designated Grand Prix events. The Youth Grand Prix Division will be applicable for events with a race of 1 mile or less. All other distances at Grand Prix Series events will award points for Adult and Race Walker divisions only.

Youth Division Age Groups

Races of 1 mile distance or less. 8-under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-17.

Adult Division Age Groups

Races with distances of 2 miles and over. Youth (17-under), Open (18-39), Masters (40-49), Grand Masters (50-59), Seniors (60-over).

Race Walker Division Age Groups

Races with distances of 2 miles or over. Youth (17-under), Open (18-39), Masters (40-49), Grand Masters (50-59), Seniors (60-over).


Points for each age group are (1st thru 10th place): 100, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10. Events with more than one distance (Example: Elmwood Classic 5K and 10K) will award Double Points in the longer of the two distances. Club members participating in both races will receive points from only 1 event. One (1) point will be awarded for each event participated in, which will serve as a tie-breaker.


Awards will be presented to the Top 5 (five) eligible finishers in each age group. An awards ceremony will be announced to recognize and present awards to these winners. The Adult and Race Walkers age group 1st place winners will be presented a Commemorative Embroidered and/or screened Grand Prix Series item. Plaques and/or trophies are presented to 2nd thru 5th place. Plaques and/or trophies are presented in the Youth age groups.

For a list of NOTC Grand Prix Series 2000 events, check the website at and the printed NOTC race schedule circulated by mail and at all NOTC events.

Race Walker Grand Prix series updated rules

A race walker that has been disqualified at a race will not be eligible for points for that event. Judges will be at Grand Prix Series events. Race Walker must sign-in at the Race Walker sign-in table and receive a yellow RW bib to be eligible for that event. A race walker is allowed to judge no more than two GP races and receive points for the events in a single season. The RW must have completed the USATF test and be in possession of their picture ID and USATF pin. They must compete in six GP races. GP points awarded for judging is the average of the points from the first 6 races that were actually race walked for the year plus the tie breaker point for participation.

Youth Standings | Adult Standings | RaceWalkers Standings | 1999 Grand Prix

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