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The NOTC results database contains results of all scored NOTC races from 1998 to the present. Results are usually added to the database within a week of the race date. A maximum of 100 results will be displayed from each year's races. If you have any questions about these results please contact

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NameSexAge DistanceTimePace EventPlace ClassDate
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2012 Race Results
Jessica BachmannF 345K23:57 7:44Greek Fest 27RMay 25, 2012
Jessica BachmannF 3410K50:06 8:04St Charles Ave Race 4RMar 31, 2012
2011 Race Results
Jessica BachmannF 335 Miles38:34 7:42Turkey Day Race 62RNov 24, 2011
Jessica BachmannF 332 Miles15:05 7:32Father's Day Race 11RJun 19, 2011